Why Using The Treadmill For Fat Loss Is Actual Torture



The idea of running on the treadmill for long periods of times sounds quite dreadful when it comes to trying to lose belly fat and get in shape. You might as well call it torture…


Funny enough, some of the first ever versions of treadmills were just that – torture devices. Used in prisons as a form of punishment, prisoners would have to run on these barbaric versions of treadmills that would force them to constantly run and keep pace or risk falling off and being injured.



So…Why do we subject ourselves to these devices for weight loss? Especially when it’s also been studied that running for long periods of time on a treadmill at a moderate pace does more to dampen male testosterone levels rather than aid in boosting them to burn excess fat?


Have you been using a treadmill in your training in this fashion? Considering alternatives to this torture device? Let us know in the comments below what you’re thinking.


Source: https://sixpackabs.com/why-using-the-treadmill-for-fat-loss-is-actual-torture/

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