Using Cheat Meals & Your Leptin Hormone To Lose More Weight


Let’s meet up at the pizza parlor and dive head-first into a delicious, Chicago deep-dish pizza… I’m talking about cheat meals and utilizing your hormone Leptin to get the most out of your diet from eating junk…Kind of…


Thomas Delauer here today and I’m about to go deep into breaking down your hormone leptin to understand what you do with your cheat meals and how leptin works when you’re doing intermittent fasting. Let’s get to it:



0:41 – What is leptin? What does leptin do?

1:32 – Dieting for extended periods of time and its impact on leptin levels

1:54 – Being in a high body fat percentage and your leptin levels

2:15 – Leptin is like a nagging girlfriend or spouse

2:30 – “Leptin Resistance”

2:51 – How do you break out of leptin resistance? Cheat meals?!

3:08 – Leptin responds well to glucose. Fat kills leptin response.

3:20 – When you have your cheat meal, step away from the fats – spike up carbohydrates instead

3:37 – Intermittent fasting and leptin

4:12 – Don’t be afraid to have a cheat meal every 14 days or so. BUT, don’t follow a pattern. Listen to your body.


There you have it guys – your way to utilize cheat meals to your advantage to burn more fat and get into the best shape yet.


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