Sergio Oliva Jr Is Headed To The Big Screen To Play His Father In Upcoming Bodybuilding Movie ‘Bigger’


Sergio Oliva Jr is headed to the big screen.


Pumping Iron is without a doubt one of the biggest reasons that bodybuilding has gained popularity in the main stream. Bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno were able to gain major popularity by starring in the iconic bodybuilding documentary. The film industry has shone a light on bodybuilding in the past and many bodybuilders benefited from the results of that showcase. Now it appears that the new bio flick Bigger, based on the life of Weider brothers, is set to do the same for a whole new generation of bodybuilders.


Among the large list of actors, bodybuilders like Calum von Moger have been confirmed for the movie. There are now rumors that Arash Rahbar is also getting involved and could potentially portray bodybuilding icon Frank Zane, though that has yet to be confirmed. What is confirmed however is who is playing the legendary Olympia champion Sergio Oliva. That’s right, Sergio Oliva Jr is set to portray his father in the anticipated bio pic.


One of the greatest bodybuilders in history and perhaps ahead of his time, Sergio Oliva stands as one of the only athletes to dominate Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage. He was also one of the most massive bodybuilders out there while still maintaining a symmetrical form. Hoping to honor his father in the film, Sergio Oliva Jr is making the steps to transform into his father as confirmed by his Instagram post below.


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