Sadik Hadzovic Shows Off Some Big Gains


Sadik Hadzovic is making some major gains.


For many bodybuilding fans, classic size and proportions are king, a fact that has been lost on many. A great deal of individuals have grown to love the freakish features of those in the open weight division, bodybuilders so incredibly huge that they defy imagination. But that was never the original intention of bodybuilding which has sparked a pretty contentious debate on what’s more important for bodybuilding: size or aesthetics. This difference in philosophy eventually has led to the creation of the classic physique division. One staple of this newly minted category is no doubt Sadik Hadzovic.


Ever since it’s inception, fans and pundits have thought that Sadik Hadzovic would be the man to beat. While he may have been too big for the men’s physique division, many believed that this classic physique division would be the best fit for a man of Sadik’s natural talent and ability. Unfortunately, his first major showing saw him capturing third place at the Olympia.


While he may not have captured the placing he desired, Sadik has continued to strive and make gains. With the Olympia still several months away, he is hard at work in the gym and putting on major size, even more lean and impressive than his initial bulk last year. Take a look at the continued progress of Sadik Hadzovic.

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