Ronnie Coleman Goes In Detail About Upcoming Surgery And It Seems Pretty Crazy


Ronnie Coleman is set to go under the knife once more.


At this point, everyone who is in the know has heard about Ronnie Coleman and his upcoming surgery. The eight time Mr. Olympia champion has had a number of surgeries since stepping away from the competitive stage and in January he looks to go under the knife once again.


While Ronnie Coleman has wowed fans across the globe with his otherworldly physique, the transformation certainly came at a price. The kind of hard work and dedication needed to transform himself into the massive beast that he was has taken at toll on Coleman and now he seems to be paying for it.


But Ronnie Coleman knew the consequences and understood that if he was going to give his body to the cause of being the greatest bodybuilder ever then it was a price that he would happily pay. Even now he’s staying in good spirits and is focusing on returning to for after his next surgery, which by the sounds of it could be incredibly intricate.


I have approximately 3 weeks of training left until my 8th and hopefully final back surgery. I’m having 6 screws, nuts, and bolts removed from my spine as a result of my last surgery, a level 4, 5 spinal fusion. I can honestly say this was the most painful surgery ever. I was in the hospital a whole month as a result of this surgery. My next surgery January 12th I’m only scheduled to be in the hospital 3 to 4 days. The Dr has already informed me that I’ll have to take off from Training 6 months so my body can recover. Their going to have to remove my intestines in order to take my spine out. This surgery will be performed from my abdominal region because I have to much scar tissue in my back from previous surgeries. This is one surgery I’m not looking forward to after the pain and suffering from the last one.

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The Instagram post by the legend himself goes into detail about his upcoming surgery and exactly how doctors hope to bring him back to full health.


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