By Returning To Open Weight Class, Is Hidetada Yamagishi Making The Right Move?


2017 has been an interesting year for the 212 division.


On numerous occasions we’ve seen bodybuilders from the lighter weight class move up to the Open Weight division and not only hold their own, but place extremely well. In the case of Hadi Choopan he was able to beat out Open Weight mainstay Brandon Curry at the San Merino Pro, opening a lot of eyes in the process. Now that we’re heading into 2018, it’s becoming apparent that more shake ups and division switches are on the horizon. In the case of 2016 Arnold Classic 212 champion Hidetada Yamagishi it may be a chance at a fresh start. But is it the right move.


The simple answer is: no idea.


That may seem like a cop out a bit, but we have to acknowledge the fact that such a move could be either detrimental or just the kind of shake up Hidetada need to get back on track. While he performed admirably at the 2017 Arnold Classic, he ultimately placed sixth, a big drop off from his championship win back in 2016. When dropping that many places it becomes apparent that something needed to change. Apparently that means making a return to the weight division that he once called home.


Hidetada Yamagishi may have been undersized when he was in the Open Weight division, but he had some solid quality muscle and some great conditioning as well. Hidetada returning to Open could actually be a genius move, especially when you consider that he can focus more on building muscle rather than cutting weight to get down to a specific weight limit. Cutting weight is no simple task and even when done correctly can result in a bit of muscle loss. By choosing to once again compete with the mass monsters in the Open Weight division he gives himself a chance to maintain muscle mass, look more full and have the ripped conditioning that could catch the judges’ eyes.


While it may be a massive gamble, it does allow him to set new goals moving forward rather than continuously deplete his body to get down to the 212 weight limit. Who knows, we could see some massive upsets occurring at the 2018 Arnold Classic.


What do you think of Hidetada Yamagishi returning to the Open Weight division?


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