Michael Vick signs deal with MusclePharm

[/FONT]By Jonathan Tamari, Inquirer Staff Writer
[FONT=verdana]Michael Vick is nearing a three-year, $1.55 million endorsement deal with MusclePharm, a Denver-based nutritional supplement company, according to an NFL.com report.The deal, which was said to be close but not final, would be Vick’s largest endorsement contract since serving a prison sentence for his involvement in a dogfighting ring, according to the report, and comes soon after Vick rejoined Nike’s stable of athlete-endorsers.After rehabilitating his image last season, Vick gained some local endorsement deals, but only recently returned to a larger stage in terms of company size and financial terms.
[FONT=verdana]”We don’t have any problem considering him at all,” a MusclePharm official told NFL.com. “And for us to consider him, we’re confident that he has rehabilitated himself.”
MusclePharm officials did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday.Vick signed the Eagles franchise tender before the NFL lockout began – assuring him of a $16 million contract this season – and may seek a longer deal once the labor dispute ends.

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