Kevin Levrone Is Making Good On His Comeback With Some Pretty Intense Training


Kevin Levrone is a beast in the gym.


In the past, when Kevin Levrone would state that he was intending on making a comeback to the sport, many people laughed it off as nonsense. However, once the 2016 Olympia rolled around we saw that Levrone was indeed putting in some serious work in the gym and it certainly showed. That being said, he didn’t have much time to prepare and get his body into prime condition and therefore didn’t really perform to the best of his ability. But like the champion he is, Kevin Levrone promised to not give up and come back next year better than ever.


Recent training videos of Kevin Levrone have surfaced showcasing the bodybuilding veteran’s capacity to work with extreme intensity in the gym. He’s targeted his weak points and he’s working them hard hoping to mitigate what went wrong during his initial return. Kevin Levrone needed to add size and strength to his legs and he’s appearing to do just that. Take a look at the intense training video below and get motivated to get your ass in the gym, rain or shine.


What are you thoughts on Kevin Levrone and his unbelievable comeback?


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