Kai Greene Shows Off A Ridiculously Jacked and Diced Back


Still on his game.


Bodybuilding has changed in the last few years hasn’t it. With the introduction of new categories and athletes, it seems that we’re moving farther away from the original inception of the sport, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. But as we move forward the reality that Phil Heath and Kai Greene may never share the competitive stage again is growing more and more apparent. But despite losing out on the rivalry, the fans are sure to still find that both men are still putting forth their best efforts to buy or the ultimate physique. For Kai Greene, that means being an inspiration to all those who are struggling to make their dreams a reality.


Kai Greene has always been the blue collar underdog ever since he first decided to start competing in the sport. But despite that, he had tasted glory throughout his journey through hard work and dedication to his craft. Even though he may be away from the Posing stage that doesn’t mean he’s not hard at work building up his body as always. The new Instagram post of ‘The Predator showcases his best attribute, his back, in massive and shredded condition. Check out the post below for the impressive sight and message from Kai Greene himself.


You must identify yourself as a person of action working to advance and achieve objectives. You have to figure out ways to get that done. Through bodybuilding I was able to identify a path toward positive overall self-development that made sense to me. It’s not being selfish to focus on yourself. It’s being aware of the fact you as an individual are able to make choices and focus on things that don’t depress you but help you keep your motivation at a high level. In that way you are capable of taking more efficient action steps towards achieving what your ultimate larger goals are. The bodybuilding experience helped me to better understand and navigate my way through this life and maintain and build on a more positive path.  I would like to graciously extend a warm welcome to anyone who wants to venture into learning the right habits and disciplines needed to have an award winnin physique. Send an email over as there is still some open spots left. Write to [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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