Jack3d causes another failed drug test

By: Anthony Roberts

Ryan Peters, of the Brisbane Easts Tigers, has just had a two-year-ban affirmed by Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency. He tested positive on June 12 last year for methylhexaneamine (MHA, 1,3-dimethylpentylamine, etc…). He immediately fingered Jack3d, by USP Labs, as the source of the positive test. In a bitter twist of irony, he tested positive two days after receiving an anti-doping lecture conducted (poorly) by the ASADA.In this particular instance, it’s unlikely that he received much of an ergogenic (performance enhancing) benefit from the MHA found in Jack3d, which has also been criticized in the past for containing ineffective doses of creatine and beta alanine. If we’re going to claim that there’s a performance enhancer (properly dosed) in the product, it would have to be the caffeine, for which literally hundreds of peer-reviewed and unbiased journal articles have confirmed the efficacy of. And considering the fact that Peters declared his use of Jack3d prior to the urine test, it seems unlikely that he thought he was doing anything wrong, even after the ASADA lecture.Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defense (*unless you’re working for the World Anti-Doping Agency or the ASADA in which case it’s a very common defense).In other Methylhexaneamine related news, Brazil’s Fabiola Molina (swimming) recently tested positive for the substance and received a two month suspension, while European champion Sandra Perkovic, the world’s leading discus thrower, failed drugs tests at both the Rome and Shanghai Diamond League meets last month and is currently awaiting a decision on the length of her ban. Interestingly, Perkovic has decided to use a blatant lie as her defense, claiming that she uses geranium root as a food additive, and that was how she accidentally ingested the banned MHA.Too bad MHA is not actually found in Geranium.Romanian Alex Gabriel Popoviciu (water polo) tested positive for Methylhexaneamine earlier this year during the National Water Polo Championships, and has just completed serving a three month suspension.[FONT=Arial]Currently, USP Labs is the subject of a personal injury lawsuit stemming from their Jack3d product, as well as a class action suit – the latter being the first of two current class action lawsuits related to MHA, the other having been filed against VPX.

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