Interval Circuit Workout At The Beach


Now, going to the beach can be seen as a vacation to many who don’t have the luxury of being close to the ocean and an easily accessible sandy oasis.


But, did you know the beach can be another alternative environment for working out instead of the standard commercial gym around the corner? Think about it this way: moving around on top of the sand and trying to get a sturdy footing is much more challenging than the flat floor of a gym. So, add that element into an already tough workout for some solid outdoor training.


What do you do when you’re all tired out and sweating? You have the ocean there to cool you off – what could be better than that?


Check out this beach interval circuit workout from Will.



What moves are you able to do? Are you having trouble doing basic workouts like pull-ups? Or push-ups? What is one of your favorite pieces of equipment to use when working out? Let us know in the comments below what you’re thinking.



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