The Inhuman Brian Shaw Is The Closest Thing To A Real Live Hulk


Inhuman strength.


While the Arnold Classic may be all about bodybuilding, the Sports Festival itself however features a great deal of other events. One of those many sporting events is the strongman competition that features the best in the business. The World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson faced off at the event which worked almost as a preview of what’s to come at the bigger competitions later on in the year. It was truly a display of grit and determination, much like every other strongman competition. But this event sealed the deal as far as Brian Shaw’s abilities are concerned.


While Hafthor Bjornsson is no slouch, it’s becoming evident that he may not be able to overcome Brian Shaw any time soon. The American strongman has strength that defies comprehension. Brian Shaw has learned to lift weight unlike any other strongman out there. When you see him accomplish feats of strength you begin to understand that Brian Shaw is no normal human being. His feats completely defy logic.


In case you missed some of the action this weekend, here’s another reminder that Brian Shaw is barely human.

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