IFBB Pro End Of Year Guest Posing

By Andrew Oye ProSource

The Item: Special Appearances

The Scoop: Recently Reported: The year is drawing to close and some IFBB Pro League athletes are making their final guest-posing appearances at bodybuilding and fitness events. The latest roundup includes a pair of international pros. On December 18, German IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel and Greek IFBB Pro Michael Kefalianos were co-headlining guests at the 2011 PNP-sponsored bodybuilding contest in Izmir, Turkey.

The “So What?”: As previously reported in “Andrew Oye’s Pro-Muscle Report,” Michael Kefalianos, whose best 2011 showing was a 3rd place finish at the Australian Grand Prix, and Ronny Rockel, whose best 2011 result was winning his second consecutive Mr. Europe Grand Prix Championship title, participated in a trip that included training demos, photo ops and guest-posing at a contest fought by more than a dozen top bodybuilding athletes from Turkey.

Andrew Oye’s Verdict: IFBB Pro Michael Kefalianos just announced his excitement about receiving his first invitation to compete at the Stateside 2012 IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. Ironically, IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel, who recently placed 3rd at the first-ever Arnold Classic Europe and 6th at the 2011 Arnold Classic in Columbus before that, is not among the list of 14 Arnold Classic invitees headed to Ohio in 2012.

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