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Surprisingly unreal for an all natural bodybuilder.


When most bodybuilding fans think of natural bodybuilding it’s usually with statements like “those guys aren’t that big” or “those guys are lying about their gear use”. While it may be true that many natty bodybuilders lie about their use of anabolic substances, it’s also true that their are some gifted athletes out there that have pushed themselves to the limit without the use of gear. We all have to keep in mind that in high level bodybuilding, natural or not, requires a few key factors. Your diet must be in check, you must train hard and your genetics must be your friend, working for you rather than against you. John Hansen is a natural bodybuilder with some supernatural gifts.


A veteran of over 40 years of bodybuilding, John Hansen has proven the adage that getting better with age isn’t just for wine. To this day he is still competing and contending with men twenty or more years his junior. While he may not have the kind of physique you’d see from a IFBB pro, Hansen has cultivated a supremely well balanced and muscular frame that would put some of the classic physique competitors to shame. Winning the a ton of titles including the natural Mr. Olympia, John Hansen is a proven competitor and athlete that should be celebrated even more so because of his adamant resolve to remain natural.


So why do people hard on natural bodybuilding anyway? While it may not features the mass monsters we see in the IFBB open weight division, we still get to see how supreme genetics can make any human into a beast. John Hansen is proof that a lot of hard work goes a long way. Here’s Hansen explaining the intricacies of his training.


What do you think of natural bodybuilding?


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