Flex On Em: How To Make Big Money In Bodybuilding


Flex Wheeler offers advice on how to make money in bodybuilding.


FLEX ON ‘EM – is a weekly show starring Flex Wheeler as he digs deep into the biggest and most controversial topics in the bodybuilding industry. He will also give his expert insight for the most recent bodybuilding news, updates, and events. Flexin’ his decades of experience for enlightening conversation and must-see info.


Bodybuilding might be an ever growing sport – but it’s still hard to make a living as an athlete if you don’t know how to sell yourself. Award money just isn’t enough to be a full time bodybuilder – unless you are winning Arnold Classic’s and Mr. Olympia’s constantly in a row.


So how does a young up and coming bodybuilder earn big money while rising to the top of the competition ladder? Sponsorships play a key role – but how do you land a sponsorship? And how does social media play into it. Flex Wheeler compares his golden years vs the way bodybuilders earn money today and offers advice on how to earn that cash.



Learn how to sell yourself while you make gains in the latest Flex On Em episode above!


Source: http://generationiron.com/flex-em-make-money-bodybuilding/

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