EXTREME PHYSIQUE: Is This Bodybuilder Too Ripped?


Dangerously shredded.


The idea of bodybuilding is to create physical perfection through training, diet, and constant growth. But that perfect physique isn’t necessarily universal. In fact, there are those that would consider a mass monster to have the perfect physique, while many others think it’s a bit too much. Some believe that the classic physique is the way to go while others may think that’s too small. Whatever camp you may find yourself in, you realize the kind of dedication and hard work required to get you to the next level. But there are some physiques out there that toe the line of supreme condition and general health.


A recent Reddit post showcases a bodybuilder with such an extremely low level of body fat that it makes you wonder if the man’s kidneys are about to give out. While weight cutting may be apart of bodybuilding you have to consider the fact that cutting too much water from your body can be taxing to you body. While seeking out the perfect physique, many people will experiment with things that is extremely dangerous to long their long term health. Having low body fat may look great in the moment, but the kind of damage being done can’t be seen.


We all want to get that shredded look, that appearance of supreme musculature, but what does it cost? The picture below showcases a bodybuilder who has chosen to test the limits of his body, cutting a considerable amount of water weight in order to show off the muscle he has cultivated. Take a look at the image below and come to your own conclusion as to whether or not this would be you goal physique.


What’s your thoughts on this physique?


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