Egyptian Bodybuilder Mohamed Saad Dies Of Brain Hemorrhage At Age 40

A shocking and sudden passing.


Mohamed Saad is an international bodybuilding champion who finished in second place in the 2015 World Championships in Spain.


Today, Egypt Independent, citing Extra News channel, reported that Mohamed Saad died at Al-Galaa hospital of a brain hemorrhage on Wednesday.


Hemorrhaging is essentially profuse bleeding. When the cause is unknown, it is usually suggestive of a serious underlying health issue. In the case of a brain hemorrhage, the bleeding occurs either between the brain and the skull or within the brain itself, and it usually interferes with brain function.


Approximately 1/5 strokes are attributable to sudden hemorrhages. Symptoms include sudden weakness, paralysis, an inability to speak, vomiting, difficulty walking and difficulty controlling one’s eye, according to Harvard Health Publishing. In this case, Saad fell comatose immediately.


Treatment was sought at various hospitals in Egypt, but most refused to admit him on the grounds that they did not have sufficient space. Finally Al-Galaa Hospital admitted the bodybuilder and rendered the diagnosis of brain hemorrhage.


The Egyptian government magnanimously agreed to pay Saad’s medical expenses. Specifically, Minister of Youth and Sport Khaled Abd El-Aziz and Minister of Defense Sedky Sobhy jointly arranged for payment of the services at El-Galaa El-Askary Hospital. This show of respect garnered thanks from Yasser Saad, Mohammed’s brother, who also extended gratitude to those in te bodybuilding community who petitioned the government for their help.


Brain hemorrhages, or blood vessel ruptures, are most common among the elderly and chronic smokers although they are not unseen among younger populations. However in ‘healthy’ individuals they are usually caused by acute external trauma or a congenital defect.


It is unclear at this time what caused the tragic injury, and we may never know, but dying young has always been a concern for top level bodybuilders and this death re-raises critical concerns over the price of building a championship physique.


Any physical endeavor is dangerous at the top level, where athletes push their bodies to the limit. But it’s critical that athletes understand the risks and optimal methods for whatever they undertake.


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