Dorian Yates Son Lewis Following In Father’s Footsteps, Looks To Dominate Classic Physique


The next generation.


Bodybuilding is an extremely difficult task all on its own. The constant training, the constant adherence to a strict diet, bodybuilding is by no means a simple thing to do. The pressures of succeeding as an average Joe on the posing stage is daunting enough. To do so being the son of a legend is a whole other ball game.


Dorian Yates is a six time Olympia champion who dominated the competition during his reign in the early nineties. His musculature was so immense that an entirely different terminology needed to be invented to describe him. Dorian Yates was the first man to hit the posing stage to be officially called a mass monster. He took the title with pride and continued to make massive gains even when he was one of the bigger competitors on stage.


But Dorian Yates didn’t reign forever and eventually had to retire due to the accumulation of injuries he was afflicted with. The complexion of bodybuilding would forever change after the reign of Dorian Yates.


Since that time the open class has become wildly popular, yet the invention of different categories have changed pro bodybuilding forever. With the recent inclusion of the classic physique division, bodybuilding competitors have been coming in all shapes and sizes. It appears that rather than follow in his father’s footsteps, Dorian Yates’ son Lewis appears to want to try his hand in a different division than his father, the classic physique division. In a recent interview the all time great confirmed this information.



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