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Searching for long-term success in weight management? Forget dieting and eat regularly

  Early adulthood is particularly critical for putting on weight. According to a recent study conducted

The 6 Stages of Transformation

  From Average to Awesome From Sedentary to Dedicated Lifter Back in 2005, Chris Shugart wrote

Fat Shredding Diet – a 4-Day Sample Meal Plan

  Want to lose weight? If so, then get in line with the rest of us.

Every-Other-Day ‘Fasting’ in Trained Athletes: Effects Range from Fat Loss to Significant Performance Enhancement

  Intermittent fasting in its various incarnation (aka “lean gains” = 6/18, “every-other-day”, “2-3 weekly fasting

5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster With Intermittent Fasting

    Hey guys it’s Thomas here and today I want to give you 5 tips

The 30-Day Bro Diet

  The One Month Fat-Loss Challenge The Very Best Diet? Despite all the heated debates over