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Watching a scary movie can burn as many calories as going for a run

  Can you guess which terrifying flick is the best calorie-burner?   THERE ARE PLENTY of

Overcoming Adaptive Thermogenesis For More Efficient Weight Loss

  Diets require a lot of consistency: weeks or even months of following a meal plan,

Losing Bodyfat or Gaining Muscle Mass: Which is More Important?

  Barb Mueller pulls 225 lbs for a triple, up from 155 for a single one

40 Tips to Help You Get Leaner

  If you want to lose fat and get your body as lean as possible, you

If a drug could make you eat less and lose fat, would you take it?

  A drug being developed by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk claims to do just that.

The 5 Different Types of Body Fat

  Brown Fat, White Fat, and More Here’s what you need to know… Body fat is