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Hoodia Worse Than Placebo

By Shane Starling Nutra Ingredients USA Part of the reasoning for Unilever’s controversial 2008 decision to

Family And Friends Of Gastric Bypass Patients Also Lose Weight

From ScienceDaily Family members of patients who have undergone surgery for weight loss may also shed

Carbs And Fats Together Again

by Alan Aragon Iron Magazine Here’s a true story… On a fitness message board, a member

How To Do Cheat Meals

By Steve Holman Iron Man Magazine Q: I got your e-book X-treme Lean, and I’m already

Low Glycemic Foods Are Muscle Sparing

From Ergo-Log If you want to lose weight, it’s worthwhile cutting out quickly absorbed carbohydrates like

How Obesity Progresses

From ScienceDaily The effects of obesity — both on our bodies and on the health budget