Weight Loss News

Mid-Morning Snacks Sabotage Fat Loss

From ScienceDaily Women dieters who grab a snack between breakfast and lunch lose less weight compared

The Fat Loss-4 Workout

by Nick Tumminello T-Nation My friend and strength coach extraordinaire Alwyn Cosgrove once told me that

Weight Loss Gum Coming Soon

From ScienceDaily Most people understand that serious weight loss requires changing attitudes toward what they eat

Water With Meals Exerts Slimming Effect

From Ergo-Log If you want to lose weight you’re best off drinking ordinary water with your

Goji Juice Trims Waistlines

By Stephen Daniells, Nutra Ingredients USA A daily glass of goji berry juice may help trim

Enzyme Stops Fat Gain In Mouse Study

From ScienceDaily Male and female mice engineered to express the inflammatory enzyme IKKbeta in their fat