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Who Has It Easier – Bulkers Or Cutters?

By Mike Simone Men’s Fitness There’s no questioning the hard work and commitment of each—but which

Nuts Fight Obesity

From ScienceDaily For the first time, scientists report a link between eating nuts and higher levels

Heirarchy Of Fat Loss

by Nate Miyaki T-Nation “Well, it depends on the rest of the diet.” That’s been my

Overweight Teens Make Mistakes Trying To Lose

From ScienceDaily About 14 percent of Philadelphia’s high school students are considered overweight, and while a

Hidden Risks Of Ketogenic Diets

By Dan Gwartey, MD Muscular Development A rhyme originating in the 1600s later appeared in the

Sleep Your Way Lean

By Dan Gwartney, MD Muscular Development Weight-loss gurus on television advise “exercise more” and “eat less,”