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Creativity Beats Cravings

By Rob Clarke Driven Sports It’s time to start a new ongoing series on psychological mind

Diet Myths Debunked

By Marisa Moore Registered Dietitian HuffPost Healthy Living It’s the first of spring. What better time

Supersets For Fat Loss

by Charles Poliquin Iron Man Magazine Q: All your workouts seem to rely on supersets for

Maintaining Weight Lost Easier Over Time

From Ergo-Log If you’ve lost weight your chance of a relapse decreases with every year you

How Bitter Melon Aids Fat Loss

From Ergo-Log Bitter Melon, or Momordica charantia, modifies body composition for the better, according to animal

Fat From Fructose

by Becky Holman Iron Man Magazine Fructose, or fruit sugar, has been getting a bad rep