Weight Loss News

Its Not Just People Getting Fatter…

From Ergo-Log The obesity epidemic is not just confined to Homo sapiens. According to the biostatistician

Tungsten For Fat Loss

From Ergo-Log A supplement containing the transition metal tungsten encourages weight loss. Endocrinologists at the University

Reset Your Biological Clock For Fat Loss

From ScienceDaily Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have synthesized a pair

High Intensity Cardio Machine Workouts

by Adam Vogel T-Nation Fat loss science has undergone something of a renaissance the last decade.

Health Impact Of Diet Soda

From ScienceDaily Are diet sodas good or bad for you? The jury is still out, but

Make Diets Simple

by Tim Henriques T-Nation Science can make nutrition complicated. Measure the glycemic index of this, the