Weight Loss News

Fat Child = Weak Adult

From Ergo-Log Doctors are concerned about the growing numbers of men and women that will need

Intestinal Bacteria’s Role In Obesity

From ScienceDaily Bacteria living in people’s large intestine may slow down the activity of the “good”

Grass Fed Beef More Nutrient Dense Than Chicken

Dr. David Jockers NaturalNews For over 60 years red meat has been vilified for its heart

Calcuim + Vitamin D Cuts Bodyfat

By Stephen Daniells Nutra Ingredients USA Daily supplements of calcium plus vitamin D may help slim

Resveratrol Human Study

From Ergo-Log Many supplements work well on rodents, but are disappointing when given to humans. Resveratrol

Why I Hate Fat Burners

By Tom Venuto, Iron Magazine Once a person hits a plateau, do we really need fat