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Tongue Taste Receptor For Fats Found

From ScienceDaily Why do we like fatty foods so much? We can blame our taste buds.

Calcium Aids Fat Loss

by Robert Goldman MD, PhD Iron Man Magazine A meta-analysis of seven clinical trials reveals that

Gene That Controls Body Weight Accidentally Discovered

From ScienceDaily Abraham Kovoor was studying a brain protein, called RGS9-2, that he had previously related

Weight Gain, Fat Gain, Muscle Gain Research

From ScienceDaily In a study conducted among 25 healthy individuals living in a controlled setting who

Higher Neural Activity Predicts Diet Success

From ScienceDaily A recent study of obese volunteers participating in a 12-week dietary weight-loss program found

Eating Vegetables And Fruit Doesn’t Stop You From Getting Fat

From AOL Healthy Living A large new European study finds that simply eating a lot of