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Calcium Aids Fat Loss

by Robert Goldman MD, PhD Iron Man Magazine A meta-analysis of seven clinical trials reveals that

Gene That Controls Body Weight Accidentally Discovered

From ScienceDaily Abraham Kovoor was studying a brain protein, called RGS9-2, that he had previously related

Weight Gain, Fat Gain, Muscle Gain Research

From ScienceDaily In a study conducted among 25 healthy individuals living in a controlled setting who

Higher Neural Activity Predicts Diet Success

From ScienceDaily A recent study of obese volunteers participating in a 12-week dietary weight-loss program found

Eating Vegetables And Fruit Doesn’t Stop You From Getting Fat

From AOL Healthy Living A large new European study finds that simply eating a lot of

Fat Child = Weak Adult

From Ergo-Log Doctors are concerned about the growing numbers of men and women that will need