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No Link Between School Junk Food And Childhood Obesity

By NICHOLAS BAKALAR New York Times In the fight against childhood obesity, communities all over the

Science Behind Eating Disorders

by Sohee Lee As promised, the follow-up article to personal my eating disorder story will cover

Lack Of Sleep Makes Your Brain Hungry

From ScienceDaily New research from Uppsala University shows that a specific brain region that contributes to

Monounsaturated Fats Boost EPOC

From Ergo-Log Athletes whose diet consists of a relatively high proportion of nuts, avocado and olive

Control Leptin For Leanness

by John Meadows CSCS, and Bill Willis PHDc T-Nation Leptin – you’ve probably heard someone mention

Tongue Taste Receptor For Fats Found

From ScienceDaily Why do we like fatty foods so much? We can blame our taste buds.