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How Athletes Can Make Their Warm-Up Less Mindless and More Competitive

  Should the warm-up be used just to raise body temperature, increase range of motion and

Big Arms in 8 Workouts

  No-Nonsense, Twice-a-Week Arm Training The “Problem” With Barbell Curls If there’s one exercise that every

Six Weeks to Bigger Biceps

  If a poll were conducted in the gym, I’m guessing bicep circumference would rank pretty

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand Could Lose His Leg After…

  Dirty gear can be extremely dangerous.   Bodybuilding can truly be a dangerous endeavor. While

Hate Jogging? Sled Walk Drills Are The Perfect Alternative

  The sled has become a popular training tool in recent years. It’s mostly used to

Therapeutic Weight Lifting

  Eccentric Isometrics: Recovery & Functional Stretching – How Do You Feel After Training? Do you experience