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Hardcore Answers to Newbie Questions

  5 Things New Lifters Need to Know 1 – How much protein should I eat?

Why Turning Fat Into Muscle is a Myth

  It is absolutely NOT possible for your body to convert fat into muscle tissue. However,

The Force-Velocity Profile: Reversing Imbalances Using the Dynamic Effort Method and Band Tension in Sport Athletes

  Velocity based training (VBT) and force-velocity profiling (FVP) are closely related. The FVP gives indications

5 Reasons Your _____ Is Small

  Lagging Muscles: The Cause and the Solution The common approach to weak body part training

Training and Discipline

    I know that you have noticed the same thing I have in recent years:

The Treadmill Is More Than A Hamster Wheel

  When I was a kid, the old school hamster homes with the tubes and the