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Fitting Common Sense Into Your Workout

By Dave Draper, Iron Man Magazine Having reduced my weight training to two days a week

Modifying Prilepin’s Table For Maximum Hypertrophy

by Scott Dixon, CSCS Louie Simmons, powerlifting guru and founder of Westside Barbell, has probably been

How Relevant Is Nutrient Timing?

By Anthony Almada, Muscular Development Nutrient timing has been embraced like text messaging. If you’re not

Get More Results From Doing Less Cardio

By Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CPT via ProSource Use intervals to save workout time and reveal your best

Beginning Bodybuilder Nutrition Basics

by John Hansen Q: You’re a great inspiration and my new role model. I’m 16, and

Should I stretch during my workout?

from Iron Man Magazine by Charles Poliquin Q: What’s your opinion on stretching between sets to