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Athletic Performance Improved By Sprint Intervals

Back in high school and briefly in college, I was a 134 lb wrestler. I wasn’t

Speed Training For Strength

by Eric Cressey T-Nation Imagine two lifters standing near one another – each with a barbell

4×10 vs 10×10

by Steve Holman Iron Man Magazine Q: If 4×10 [as in the 4X technique] is so

Overhead Presses And Rotator Cuffs

by Mike Robertson T-Nation Overhead pressing should be a staple in almost everyone’s workouts. Unfortunately, some

Does Cross-training Improve Performance?

By Gina Kolata, NYT The question has occurred to many endurance athletes, and it seems so

Tempo Training Guide

by Lee Boyce T-Nation It’s Monday evening at Globo Gym. On the left is a group