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Working Your Body’s Fuel Switches

by Mike T Nelson, T-Nation I recently received a very interesting voice mail from Adam, one

Building Mass With Speed Reps

by Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson Iron Man Magazine Q: What’s your opinion of loosening exercise

Keys To An Explosive Bench

By Todd Bumgardner and Josh Bryant, T-Nation “It is essential that explosive strength play a large

Sleep For Maximum Size

By Eric Broser Q: What do you feel is the most underestimated and overestimated portion of

Fitting Common Sense Into Your Workout

By Dave Draper, Iron Man Magazine Having reduced my weight training to two days a week

Modifying Prilepin’s Table For Maximum Hypertrophy

by Scott Dixon, CSCS Louie Simmons, powerlifting guru and founder of Westside Barbell, has probably been