Training News

Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy

By Mark Hyman, MD Huffpost Healthy Living The common wisdom is that if you are overweight

Is Lifting Heavy Bad For You?

By CHARLES POLIQUIN Iron Man Magazine Extreme workouts could eventually result in orthopedic problems.

Diet And Exercise Protect Astronaut Bones

From ScienceDaily Eating right and exercising hard in space helps protect International Space Station astronauts’ bones

The Science Of Supersets

by Lee Boyce T-Nation Supersets, or performing sets of two different exercises back to back, could

Ultimate Chest Exercise

By STEVE HOLMAN, IRON MAN Magazine Insert some direct incline work into the Basic Power-Density Mass

Calf Press For Mass

By Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CPT ProSource Stretch, contract and grow with this angled mass-builder for calves