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Specialty Bars For Size And Strength

by Jim Wendler T-Nation The straight barbell is king. If you have a quality barbell, a

Stretching Is BS

by Menno Henselmans T-Nation If you’re a committed weight trainer, chances are you’re either stretching a

Power Of 3 Program

by Ben Bruno T-Nation Some of my best gains in the gym have come during my

Is Bodybuilding Functional?

by Marc David Iron Magazine Reader question time…Do you think bodybuilding is functional training? The other

How To Get Fuller Muscles

by Clay Hyght, DC, CSCS T-Nation I’m sure you’ve noticed how some guys seem to have

Post Activation Potential Maxes At 4-12 Minutes

From Ergo-Log Two days ago we wrote about the amazing post-activation-potentiation [PAP] effect, which causes athletes’