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Maintaining Motivation

By Dave Goodin Iron Man Magazine Q: You are such a great inspiration to me and

Weightlifting Burns More Post Exercise Calories Than Cardio

From Ergo-Log A strength training session in which you burn, say, 300 calories burns more calories

Rep Range For Power Vs Density

by Steve Holman, Iron Man Magazine Q: I just got the e-book Size Surge and am

High Blood Pressure? Don’t Skip Strength Training

By Anthony Roberts If you’ve got high blood pressure, you’d better make sure you’re doing enough

Get Delts Like Evan Centopani

From Muscular Development BUILDING ZONE (Hard Hat Mandatory) The Foundation Military Barbell Presses Upright Rows Side

Functional Strength Training

by WarriorFX Iron Magazine People engaged in resistance training programs often seek out exercise machines that