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4 Tips to Break an All-Time World Record

    This past year has been a great one in terms of coaching and success

A Tale Of Two Arms: Post Surgery Calum Von Moger Shows The Shocking Changes To His Physique

  Calum von Moger’s physique has changed post surgery.   Injuries suck. That may a simplistic

Destroy Your Imbalances And Become a Superior Athlete With This Warm-Up

      Everyone has certain areas they should spend time on to correct and develop.

Performance Programming Principles: Installment 2

  As I promised back in November, I’ve decided to dedicate a regular series to the

The New 8-Minute Fat Burners

  Five Fat Blasting Finishers You have a limited time to train and need conditioning workouts

3 Exercises That Have Kept Drew Brees Ageless

  The 38-year-old quarterback believes his mind and body are capable of guiding a team to