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Heading into the Gym – You Can’t Plan It, So Listen To Your Body

  Many people who train head into the gym with a set plan of what they’re

Bulletproof Your Body

  By selecting the best exercises to build maximal strength and size, while limiting unnecessary stress

How Athletes Can Make Their Warm-Up Less Mindless and More Competitive

  Should the warm-up be used just to raise body temperature, increase range of motion and

 5 Tips for Finding Yourself a Workout Partner

  If you train alone, you are leaving a lot of gains on the table. People

Big Arms in 8 Workouts

  No-Nonsense, Twice-a-Week Arm Training The “Problem” With Barbell Curls If there’s one exercise that every

Recovery Is About Creating Balance

  Recovery is about creating balance—with training and in life. Stress greatly effects your overall ability