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How a Yoga Ball and a Resistance Band Can Help Athletes Build the Best Type of Core Strength

  “Anti-core training” is a massively important piece of the athletic development puzzle.   The term

Twice-a-week Resistance/HIIT Routine Combo That Builds Muscle and Burns Fat

  Most people think that it would suit their lifestyle to go to the gym 5


  Whenever a client or athlete grows frustrated from their lack of progress in the gym

7 Exercises Lost to the ’80s

      In atypical fashion, we have forgotten some very good exercises that were used

6 Badass Exercises You Can Do With A Pull-up Bar

  When people think about pull-up bars, they think of people performing pull-ups, but the pull-up

Training Terminology

  In my early 20s, I spent some time in Austria. Not a terribly long time,