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What Is The FDA Really Doing About DMAA?

By Elaine Watson Nutra Ingredients USA They’ve had the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads

Europe To Follow FDA Lead On DMAA

By Shane Starling Nutra Ingredients USA European food and medicines agencies will follow the lead of

69% Of Americans Use Supplements

By Stephen Daniells Nutra Ingredients USA Supplements use among US adults has increased to a record

UK Begins DMAA Crackdown

By Shane Starling, Nutra Ingredients USA DMAA-containing Jack3D and products like it are unauthorised drugs and

G.N.C., Cellucor And Woodbolt Targeted In New DMAA Lawsuit

By Elaine Watson Nutra Ingredients USA G.N.C., Cellucor Sports Nutrition and others have been accused of

GNC Says DMAA Drama Not Affecting Sales

By Elaine Watson Nutra Ingredients USA The furor surrounding the safety and legal status of DMAA