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Cathine (Alvalin®) a Legitimate ‘New Ephedra’? 9.1kg vs. 2.4 kg Weight Lost, 165% Greater Waist Reduction in Humans

  You don’t have to switch to eating pills, only. Don’t worry. What you will still

FDA Doesn’t Anticipate Safety Review in Developing Pre-DSHEA List

  An FDA official has signaled her agency does not intend to conduct a safety review

Anti-inflammatory drugs can inhibit muscle growth

  The long-term use of over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory drugs can inhibit muscle growth in young, healthy

The Right Kind Of DAA May Make All The Difference For PCT

  D-Aspartic Acid was once the hottest supplement on the market. It’s a natural amino acid

HydroxyProgestins – The Future Of Prohormones

  As the DEA continues to schedule more and more illegal steroids and take them off

α-GPC and Low Thyroid? Fat Loss+Muscle Gains, Possible? More Protein in Shift-Work Diet, 7kg Lower Fat Mass & TC?

  In today’s installment: Alpha-GCP and reduces thyroid function; accurate body fat measurement in contest prep