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Hi-Tech DMAA Appeal: ‘Usable Quantities’ Theory Contrary to DSHEA

  Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc., a manufacturer of dietary supplements that has been battling FDA for years

From Hero to Zero – HMB Doesn’t Work at All… in Athletes and Trained Individuals, Latest Meta-Analysis Suggests

  If we go by the results of this latest meta-analysis, athletes and experienced gymrats don’t

The 4 Kinds of Steroid Users

  From the Obvious to the Unexpected – What Exactly is a Steroid User? Seems obvious enough,

FDA Issues Warning Letters on SARMs in Dietary Supplements

  FDA on Tuesday warned of body-building products with potentially unsafe ingredients, known as selective androgen


  It started back in 2001. That was the first time I “experimented” with creatine. For

Transdermal Magnesium – Finally a Human Study Suggests That Low-Dose Mg2+ Cream Works, at Least in Non-Athletes

  Unlike the effectiveness of oral magnesium supplementation for the treatment of magnesium deficiency, which has