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From Hero to Zero – HMB Doesn’t Work at All… in Athletes and Trained Individuals, Latest Meta-Analysis Suggests

  If we go by the results of this latest meta-analysis, athletes and experienced gymrats don’t

The 4 Kinds of Steroid Users

  From the Obvious to the Unexpected – What Exactly is a Steroid User? Seems obvious enough,

FDA Issues Warning Letters on SARMs in Dietary Supplements

  FDA on Tuesday warned of body-building products with potentially unsafe ingredients, known as selective androgen


  It started back in 2001. That was the first time I “experimented” with creatine. For

Transdermal Magnesium – Finally a Human Study Suggests That Low-Dose Mg2+ Cream Works, at Least in Non-Athletes

  Unlike the effectiveness of oral magnesium supplementation for the treatment of magnesium deficiency, which has

What Is Salidroside?

What is it? Salidroside is the most biologically active of two biological compounds (the other being Rosavin)