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Food for thought: Ketogenic diets reduce athletes’ anaerobic performance, study finds

  Athletes who turn to ketogenic diets to help their performance in high-intensity, short duration sports

Following five healthy lifestyle habits may increase life expectancy by decade or more

  Maintaining five healthy habits — eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body

5 Most Important Factors That Affect Total Daily Energy Expenditure

  Have you ever wished for a faster metabolism, so you can eat more without gaining

Does a Low-Carb Diet Interfere with Muscle Hypertrophy?

  The most common reason people go on a low carbohydrate diet is to lose weight.

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work

  For decades, doctors, nutritionists, trainers, and even the government has waxed rhapsodic about the importance

Consuming protein supplements with meals may work better for weight control

  A new systematic review of available evidence appearing in Nutrition Reviews indicates that consuming protein supplements with