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How coffee can supercharge your sugar cravings

  Caffeine can temporarily dull your ability to taste sweetness, which drives your desire for sugar,

Anti-inflammatories can stunt muscle size and strength

  If you pop ibuprofen on the reg, you could be sabotaging your efforts in the

How a drug could induce health benefits of exercise

  The research team — led by the University of Leeds — has found that a

Cooking Fatty Fish & Omega-3s: Do Baking, Broiling, Frying in Different Oils, or Microwaving Affect DHA, EPA & Co?

  I won’t tell you something you didn’t know already when I quote from the introduction

Using Cheat Meals & Your Leptin Hormone To Lose More Weight

  Let’s meet up at the pizza parlor and dive head-first into a delicious, Chicago deep-dish

Almonds may help boost cholesterol clean-up crew

  Eating almonds on a regular basis may help boost levels of HDL cholesterol while simultaneously