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Cyclic Dieting (2:2 ON/OFF) Drops 12.3 vs. 8kg of Body Fat in 16 Weeks, Maintains REE During + Fat Loss Post Dieting

  You will remember that I’ve previously discussed the advantages of cycling your energy intake in

A Meathead’s Guide to Reading Scientific Papers

    When it comes to all things training and nutrition, there are a lot of

Is Olive Oil Actually Healthy?

  The “Mediterranean diet” may just be the world’s healthiest diet.   If you’re not familiar

Fish vs. Krill Oil, SFA ↔ PUFA – False Advice, Low-FODMAP Diet for Athletes GI Tracts – Nutrition Research Update 9/17

  If studies are interesting, but there’s not enough to dissect for a full SuppVersity article,

A New Understanding Of How Muscles Work

  If you’ve never heard of sarcomeres, it’s because they’re very tiny—so tiny, in fact, that

Is Peanut Butter Actually Healthy?

  What would we do without peanut butter?   Ever since it was first introduced at