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American Men: As Fertile as Dead Hamsters

  How to Increase Your Sperm Count and Longevity Here’s what you need to know… A

Meta-Analysis Reveals: Even Science Doesn’t Truly Escape Bias

  We base many things on opinion or belief—from religion to politics to daily habits to

Cyclic Dieting (2:2 ON/OFF) Drops 12.3 vs. 8kg of Body Fat in 16 Weeks, Maintains REE During + Fat Loss Post Dieting

  You will remember that I’ve previously discussed the advantages of cycling your energy intake in

A Meathead’s Guide to Reading Scientific Papers

    When it comes to all things training and nutrition, there are a lot of

Is Olive Oil Actually Healthy?

  The “Mediterranean diet” may just be the world’s healthiest diet.   If you’re not familiar

Fish vs. Krill Oil, SFA ↔ PUFA – False Advice, Low-FODMAP Diet for Athletes GI Tracts – Nutrition Research Update 9/17

  If studies are interesting, but there’s not enough to dissect for a full SuppVersity article,