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Newly discovered compounds shed fresh light on whole grain health benefits

  Scientists have discovered new compounds that may explain whole grain health benefits, reports a new

Virtual reality can reduce pain and increase performance during exercise

  The research, led by PhD candidate Maria Matsangidou from EDA, set out to determine how

‘Native’ Whey, the Superior Whey? Transient Benefits on ‘Recovery’, No Size or Performance Gains in 12-Week RCT

  ‘Natural’ whey is filtered right out of skim milk, ‘regular’ whey from the liquid ‘waste”

Tip: The 90/90 Intermittent Fast

  A new study shows that modest time-restricted feeding works, but why exactly? Let’s dig into

Tip: The Truth About Prostate Testing

  Here’s what you need to know before you or your old man agree to have

Even mild physical activity immediately improves memory function

  Now you just need to remember to exercise!   People who include a little yoga