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Compounds derived from hops show promise for metabolic syndrome patients

  A group of compounds derived from hops can likely improve cognitive and other functions in

Study proves ‘muscle memory’ exists at a DNA level

  A study led by researchers at Keele University has shown for the first time that

Study could explain link between high-cholesterol diet and colon cancer

  New UCLA research could help explain the link between a high-cholesterol diet and an elevated

Will supplements help your workout or diet routine?

  The new year is a time to set new goals, and for many people this

Replacing CHO W/ Protein Won’t Impair Glycogen Resyn-thesis | Plus: RT+HIIT & Satellite Cells; BFR & Recovery

  I am sorry it took me so long to complete the follow-up to last week’s

Coffee effect on arteries could depend on two compounds

  The impact of coffee drinking on heart disease risk could depend on the amounts of