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Music boosts exercise time during cardiac stress testing

  Listening to upbeat music may help prolong activity and participation; results may have broader implications

Capsaicin: 150kcal/d Extra Energy Expenditure, no Effect on Appetite/Hunger in Teens/Twens Receiving 2mg/d, Though

  That capsaicin is a relatively powerful metabolic isn’t news. In Nutrition Research Rigamonti et al. write: “Studies

Will Intermittent Fasting Make You Overeat on Non-Fasting Days? The Opposite Was the Case in Two Recent RCTs

  Let’s get this straight, first: The results of Jennifer Harvey’s latest paper cannot be applied

Must Have Pre Workout Ingredients

  The key is to pay close attention to the ingredients.   It’s a situation all

Top 3 High Estrogen Foods To AVOID To Boost Test & Burn Fat

  Hey guys, it’s Toby here, and today I’m going to explain what estrogen is and

Jymmin: How a combination of exercise and music helps us feel less pain

  Often, pain emerges as a consequence of disease, injury or intense physical demands. About seven