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Coconut Oil ‘Pure Poison’ or ‘Superfood’? These 2x5x PRO vs. CON Human Studies Will Help You to Form an Opinion

  I am pretty sure you will have read about or even seen the lecture by Karin Michels, the director of

Cardio exercise and strength training affect hormones differently

  Every day a lot of people cycle to and from work or visit the gym

Think BIG To Help Burn Fat & Lose Weight Fast

  Thomas here, and today I wanted to talk about something going on in your brain

Krill vs. Fish: Krill Oil Still More Rapidly Absorbed, but Does it Matter in the Long-Run? Plus: Krill Research Update 2018

  I’ve previously written about the question whether krill oil is, in fact, as the proper

A diverse diet may not be the healthiest one

  Encouraging people to eat a wide variety of foods to ensure they meet all their

Exercise linked to improved mental health, but more may not always be better

  A study of 1.2 million people in the USA has found that people who exercise